Thursday 29 October 2020

Piano Lessons goes on exhibition in Kirov, Russia from July - August 2020

Piano Lessons in an exhibition called Love and Music 'M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum' Kirov, Russia
July - August 2020


"28th July 2020 in the house-museum named after M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin opened a new international exhibition called Love and Music in the format of the Artist's Book. The exhibition opened with a delay of four months due to the pandemic.
About 40 Russian and sixteen foreign artists took part in it. New names and countries appeared among foreign participants. These are Lee Sherman and Ros Simms (Great Britain), N. Goman (Ireland), Dadanautik (Germany), A.Kekesh (Guam Island, USA), E.Erte (Turkey), G.Thomas (Holland),
O.K.Gavriliu (Romania), E.Giens (Hungary) and R.Rubanik (Belarus).
The project was also supported by our permanent participants: S.Bodman, E.Schatz, J.Batey, T.Söborg,

Last year's cooperation in the Republic of Tatarstan gave a positive result and increased the number of participants. Lada Ayudag (Ayupova), Timur Khairullin, Victor Timofeev, Tatyana Shatalina, Marina Abramova, F. Kazakova and others showed their works. As always, Kirov artists are participating in the exhibition: G. Balabanova, T.Korshunova, A.Gruzdev, V.Burov.

Unfortunately, because of the virus, students from two colleges of Kirov and the University of Kazan did not take part, since in March they were allowed to go home, as well as some of our permanent participants from other cities in Russia and abroad. However, this did not affect the overall quality of the exhibition as a whole and the level of works, most of which were made in one copy and are unique.

Attached is a video clip about the opening of the exhibition. I express my deep gratitude to all participants for their support of the project and wish them new creative success.
Valeri Burov, curator of the exhibition."
[Excerpt from Exhibition website]

Interview with Valeri Burov about the Exhibition (in Russian)

Monday 19 October 2020

How to Cut your own Rubber Stamp

My book Piano Lessons was created using hand-cut rubber stamps. In this short film, I'll show you how I made them. I prefer using pink speedy carve rubber with very sharp lino tools.