Thursday 27 December 2018

Artist's Book: Evil Eyes

Softback book bound in oatmeal-coloured card. Portrait format measuring 190mm x 110mm.
Title is bound in beads into the spine and closed with a green elastic band.
21 printed pages with tipped-in photos. Photo pages are date stamped.
Second edition of 20, Brighton 2006
First Edition of 10 was made in hardback with a cloth cover (2005)

Whilst travelling to work it was noted, by certain keen individuals, that the world appeared to be full of beings: other than the everyday. With the assistance of an adapted mobile phone camera these ghosts, animal spirits, numen and peri that crowd around us can now be revealed. Mostly captured during regular days – frequently when rain was in the sky. So far we have managed to identify only a few of them – what we know is here, along with our clearest photos and some of our thoughts.
Damp Research Laboratory

To see all the spreads in this book click here...

The images below are photos of the cloth bound first edition.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Mean Bone goes on show in Kirov, Russia

Mean Bone was selected to join a travelling group exhibition in Russia from 2017 - 2018
Locations are ongoing and can be seen on the organisers website.
Organised and curated by Valery Burov -

First location:
Regional State Universal Scientific Library Library A. Herzen Kirov, Russia From 16th November 2017 Address: 50, Herzen str., 610000 Kirov, Russia

Second Location:
A. Likhanov Library, Kirov (dates to be confirmed).
(From organisers website, translated from Russian)
The organizing committee announced a new project in the format artist's book titled "Winged phrases, maxims and aphorisms." This topic seems to us, it is of interest not only by the content, but opens before the artist opens up a wide range of technical and creative possibilities. Given the fact that this genre of literary work is brief, concise form, but succinct in content, does not require a large area for the realization of design, we decided to spend it in a miniature book format, that is no more than 100x75 mm.
This is due to the fact that this project, like the previous ones, we plan to show in other cities of the Kirov region and our neighboring regions, and a miniature format, facilitate as the transportation and placement...Each participant will receive a diploma, by the end of the exhibition and the electronic version of the Directory can be downloaded on the website.

From the translated Press Release:


Monday 2 April 2018

NEW BOOK - Marshland

Here is a preview of my latest artist's book, Marshland

18cm x 23 cm artist's book with 70 pages
Reproduced from a visual diary (sketchbook) drawn daily during October.
The original sketchbook is a vintage German 'home comments' book.
The illustrations were created using red and blue; Posca pens; Lamy fountain pens; coloured pencils; pastels; index cards and rubber stamps.

The visual diary was a direct response to emotions experienced throughout the month, visualised.
I am considering print options at the moment trying to figure out what feel I want from this book.

Thursday 1 March 2018

Work in Progress - Morass

Very pleased with my large format test prints on archival sustainable heavy matt paper. Once they are fully dried and fixed, I'll be folding 2m concertinas.
I'm planning on cloth-bound hard covers in fuchsia.

Working title: Morass Publication date: TBC when I'm totally happy with it.

The image is a vertical slice from the Bank of England down through the sewers past the London Underground and down into Hell. This satirical vertical cross-section contains two quotes about finance by Charles Dickens. This artist's book was inspired by Our Mutual Friend (1865) and the grasping need for money that integrates all levels of society.