Monday 10 April 2017

The Mean Bone - Exhibition

The first copy of The Mean Bone has been accepted for exhibition to cities of the Kirov region in Russia. As part of the collective Artistsbooks Russia.

The exhibition is titled 'Winged phrases, maxims and aphorisms' in ARTIST BOOK format.

"This topic seems to us, it is of interest not only by the content, but opens before the artist a wide range of technical and creative possibilities. Given the fact that this genre of literary work is brief, concise form, but succinct in content, it does not require a large area for the realization of the design, we decided to spend it in a miniature book format, that is no more than 100x75 mm."
From the collective's website:

I'll add more information when the dates/locations are confirmed, but here is a preview of my new book.