Friday, 27 December 2013

Artist's Book: Reboot

Reboot - Limited Edition of 10, Brighton 2008
400mm x 170mm, a double-spiral bound pair of books each of 20 pages.
The cover is clear acrylic closed with magnetic catches.
Hand-cut rubber stamp icons are added to final printed pages.
Several real capacitors and fuses are threaded into two of the pages.

This is a book about computers. Do they really hate us? Why are computers so indignant when you want to open files, rewarding your impetuousness with spinning balls and hourglass icons. This is a book about technological brokenness. We rely more and more on technology and computers, ignoring the fact that there seems to be a mechanical revolt gradually gathering pace all around us - soon the only tasks left for us will be hand-drawing the 'Out of Order' signs to hang on the machines.
Over a period of time, I’ve been recording technology failures photographically as well as drawing the language of brokenness, cryptic messages such as, disc error and are you sure you want to shut-down?
I've combined my photographs and drawings into this pair of books, added to this hand-cut rubber stamps of familiar computer icons - hourglass, watch, cursor arrow and older legacy icons such as the floppy disk. Scanned legacy peripherals such as scssi leads and old network cables tangle across the pages, to remind us just how fast technology is moving.

The books work as a pair and should be opened and read simultaneously.