Friday 27 December 2013

Artist's Book: Notebook 57

160mm x 137mm, containing 20 pages.
Saddle-stitched, with red card cover to resemble an exercise book.
Brighton, first edition produced in 2003.

This book was inspired by researching into alchemy and chemistry. Old medieval illustrations reveal the belief that a human servant could be conjured-up from ancient recipes. The fabricated human was an exact replica except that it had no soul. The replica was called a Homonculous. The book represents a notebook kept by someone who not only believes Homonculi can be made, but sees them everywhere in the form of shop and display dummies, then documents them in the form of notes and photographs. The paper-clipped pages are actually printed within the book as are the ink spills and typewritten notes.

There are some elements added by hand such as a punch cut, rubber stamp and drawn marks.
The body of the book is printed on 130g cartridge paper.

To read the whole book scroll here:

Notebook 57 has been exhibited at the following venues:

Poetry Books: Reading Books - 25 January 2007 - 24 March 2007
Exhibition will be at the Broekhuis Bookshop, Enschede, The Netherlands.

New Orleans Bookfair - Babylon Lexicon - 28th October - 30th November, 2006
Selected Damp Flat Books, incuding Notebook 57, will be appearing at the New Orleans Bookfair - Babylon Lexicon. Selected books and my catalogue will be on display in this showcase of artists' books and book-related art.
Barrister's Gallery
1724 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.,
NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, U.S.A

2nd Seoul International Bookarts Fair 2005
3rd June - 8th June 2005
COEX Pacific Hall(
Korean Publishers Association, 105-2, Sagan-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-190, KOREA
Notebook 57 was submitted along with two others: Which Filter Works? and Running a Secret Society No.20, the latter was awarded a medal in the Book Arts competition. The 2nd Seoul International Book Arts Fair is the only fair of it's kind in Asia, information about the fair will be sent to major TV broadcasting companies(KBS, MBC, SBS etc) newspapers, magazines, galleries, museums, and libraries. There were 200,000 visitors to the fair last year.

This book is entered on page 133 of the Artist's Book Yearbook 2006-2007 by Sarah Bodman (Ed), Impact Press, Bristol, UK. ISBN 0 9543810 9 2