Monday 25 February 2013

'Message in a Bottle Exhibition' in Minneapolis

Message in a Bottle Exhibition : Secrets, Cyphers, Codes & Mysteries
Light Grey Art Lab, 118 E 26th Street #101, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

As a featured artist, I'll be showing eleven linocut images based around themes of lying, secrets and hidden meanings. To see the images in the show:

There's also a recorded interview as a podcast available here:

Opening Reception: Friday January 25th from 7 -10pm
The show runs through February 15th.
Regular Gallery Hours are Wed - Friday from 12 - 7pm
and on Saturday and Sunday from 12-3pm

"We are hosting the work of 40 international artists who will contribute mind-bending, coded works to Light Grey -- filled with secrets, hidden imagery and alternate meanings. Spend a little more time looking through the details in this show and you might just find something surprising.
Our lineup of events at Light Grey between Jan 25 and Feb 15 include classes on codes, secret imagery, mentalism and more. The exhibition will feature a limited edition print for those people that are the first to find the hidden images in the pieces, an interactive decoding piece, and walls and walls of art containing intimate secrets and mesmerizing detail.
Jackie Batey will also be joining us as a featured artist for this exhibition as well as Kali Ciesemier's MAKE 2013 workshop." Grey Art Lab website.

Prints available to buy here:

Some photos of the Private View (with thanks to curator Lindsay Nohl).