Wednesday 1 October 2008

Future Fantasteek! Issue No.5

...Credit Crunch Issue

Softback Zine printed in greyscale on yellow paper, with colour center pages, includes a tipped-in dubious banknote and rubber stampped flies. staple bound. A5 size containing 16 printed pages. Bright pink card cover with yellow dots. 

Issue Five: Brighton 2008, edition size of fifty.

The credit crunch issue looks at liars, not using your brain and spotting fakes. There's free money from the bank of Future Fantasteek included as a worthless free gift. The Damp Research Facilities answer these questions: Why are people so nasty to each other ? Is greed really the future? How many of us have eaten from the Tree of Stupidity ? Can genetically enhanced monkeys with clipboards replace office staff? And could octopus DNA enable you to work longer hours? More pointless questions to ponder in a disappointing world...

To see the whole zine follow this link